Sunday, October 22, 2006

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So,it has been a long time since i filled up my,i wasn't busy as such,just that i was too lazy to do it.i find it to be very the first place i do not know what to fill in it.i have a feeling that technology has taken over the world in a big manner.and it is just the beginning.even then we are not completely devoid of mistakes.i mean,just look at israel,they outrageously continue bombing lebanon,hit a seemingly innocent village in qana,kill around a score of children,and say that was by mistake.well,they certainly have a lot of influence of the big bully US on them.Us too,bombed iraq on the pretext of WMD's ( which they haven't found yet),and i doubt that they will find it .They undoubtedly are the big bully in world politics today.Unfortunately,nobody has the guts to stand up against them.Britain,France,Germany , who could do it,pucker up to the US.pakistan,too,belongs to one of those .you gotta give it to them,they have the smartness to pucker to the US knowing that they have all sorts of inhuman terrorists in their land.AMAZING!well,wat do we have to do with all this.yes,a right to speak up.we ought to speak against all this politics played at the cost of human lives.SEAK UP WEB CITIZENS!!

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Anonymous said...

Well in this age of technology we have lost great leaders. No one takes charge untill they is affected. A common man is stuck with his job and loans