Sunday, October 22, 2006

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MICHAEL SCHUMACHER IS BACK!!!The F1 season finally begins to look and sound interesting.all along this year people were talking about schumi retiring to the swiss alps and sitting by the fireplace and watching Alonso take over the mantle of king.but not just yet said schumi.If Fernando wants the title he's gonna kill for it.well,in the beginning of the season the french carmakers and the spaniard hardly had a competition,except in some places by the ferraris.but now,the championship is wide open.With schumi clicking at the heels of alonso,just 11points behind,the renault team have a tough task ahea of them.Though they are more likely to win the championship,they would do better than to ignore the great man.All credit to the ferrari team and michael.they have proved once again why they were the best team for five consecutive years.As for michael,he has been the best driver ever to sit in an F1 car.critics ofte cry hoarse at his eccentricities,but hey,even Alain"the professor"Prost,and Senna were like is just the desire of winning continuously that amkes them do it.if for prost it was monaco in'79,senna had his revenge in '80 in the same place.that is what separates greats from the so called good ones,they are different.they race to win,at all costs.i personally find no fault wit this theory.For heavens sake!!that risk is what makes adrenalin go for the drivers,if not,driving at300kph is cheesecake for for the others,mclaren has been none of the best boys like they were last season,williams,red bull,are nowhere in the league.whatever happens all ears are open for schumi's plans of the future.If he decides to retire,the community and fans wud stand up to a great champion and driver's legacy.On the contrary,if he decides to carry on,Alonso wud be furious.schumi has achieved everything he set out to.His string of records wud be hard to break for drivers of generations to come.his ever smiling attitude and tenacity will be missed.but that is a long time to come.Till then, off to hungaroring

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