Sunday, October 22, 2006

My previous post - #4 :: Geez!!what a life

all right!i'll fill my blog.yup,dats me.a boring,ordinary guy who hardly has anything to do all day.that pretty sums it all up for me.but then,there are geeks and there are geeks.wherever i look around people are abuzz about the wonders of groups,dating sites ,blogs and what nots.there is a solution of everything on the net they say.amazing,not for me?i mean,its good that technology has helped people remain in contact,but at what cost?during the good ol' days,if someone had to speak to me,he would have to visit me or easier,call me.the former he would not do,the latter,i have excuses for.not so,on the net.avoidance is hardly possible.i have to answer a thousand invites from people i hardly knew..gosh,i never knew i had such an attractive persona until i logged on.also,then ther is the daily chore of writing ur blog.frankly speaking,i am a sloth.yes,i declare that with immense pride.i wud not care to get up and run to the next room,if an earthquake were to hit me,obviously,writing a blog is quite a chore.i haven't,in my life,written my college notes( thats true,beleive me.i get it xeroxed.).so,when my dear geeky cousin suggested that i write a blog,i was apprehensive.i knew that putting so much of poor writing on the net and inconveniencing the so grave and knowledgeable netizens would probably surmise to a heinous misdemeanour that i do not have the courage to put chisel to.Man,that was the longest sentence i ever wrote!!so,what i mean is that .....i think you get the point.also,as a man of notoriously lazy nature,i knew that however hard i ( or my cousin) may have tried,it would have been an ardous task to make me put finger to the keyboard (i wud have put pen to paper,but that is not what i am doing,is it?).so,the first few days were a new was like the time you get your first bicycle,you are very happy about it.but then,as days pass , the bicycle gathers rust and you won't even dispose of least,that is what my mom tells me.well,as you can guess,i lost interest in it.except this time,my brother(and i admire him for doing that)never gave up on me.everyday he drilled into me the importance of updating a blog.he was so persistent,that i almost felt that numb ache,that my much married superiors feel when they hear their,i,i suppose you know my name,have decided that write a blog,i shall.and the resultant crass and boring piece of extremely crude literature that you fools have just read is proof of it.well,i hope you wasted enuf time on me.


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