Sunday, October 22, 2006

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ouch!!!no.i did not break my finger typing.its just that i have a serious headache.i don't knw when it started but i do know WHY it started.i may be missing some details,forgive me for that,as i am having trouble remembering a lot of things.But trust that what you are about to read is an ectremely true first person account of his sufferings.being a citizen of the metropolis of mumbai,it is extremely obvious that i am a regular at various street food joints.but,even the most experienced person,won't claim complete knowledge of the dishes available on the streeets here.that is b'coz evolution is a process that is constant to these vendors.dengue,malaria,food poisoning may scare anyone but not us mumbaikars,or so we say(boast).if you say no to a free fast food rendezvous,you shall be the butt of jokes for enerations to when my brothers decided to go out yesterday,i had no choice but to save my reputation and join them.the three of us might look very thin and lanky in appearance,but for me,the other two are veterans in such recco's.we decided the spot to be a street dosa vendor.being saturday,business was better than usual.dosas were flying out fster than you could say " Oh Shit!". after embarassingly gaping at the workings of it,we decided to get down to business.i left the ordering to my brothers.doe.three dishes.each plate of hot,steaming dosa was accompanied with a spicy,eye-watering chutney(sauce).the palate burned me began to groan in surrender,but i spake not a word.i was jus pushing my plate back when two more dishes arrived.the flabbergasted look on my face was enuf to earn a few quick jibes.fuming with shame and rage,i swallowed all i cud.we left soon,b4 the dosawalah cud say "let me do some business out here".we were on our way back home wen we saw an golawallah( ice candy man).and my company launched into a vigorous explanation into why we stopped seems that this was no ordinary street eatery.this was the most famous dish in all of our small town.begrudgingly,i gave up.bring em on,i said.i have to say it,the food was tasty,just that it was a little too much on my tummy.surprisingly it gave me a illusion of well was not until i got to bed did i notice something was going wrong.i tossed and turned liek the dosa on my bed.i cud hardly find a minute of i woke up in the moning,my head felt like a warzone for george's next stomach looked like a gas inflated balloon,except that the gas was leaking out leaving a very bad stench.i was groggy,and cud hardly make my way fom hall to the loo.the occassional opening of my mouth led to the inhalation of a very bad stench,which i speculated was the stink of the decomposing stuff inside of i brushed my teeth,i remembered the lines of shakespeare(proves how bad i was)*but above all-be true to thine own self* .i guess, shakespeare must have himself had an experience at the queens wonder, the impending day approached,i had all the time required for introspection -------- IN THE LOO.

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