Thursday, November 23, 2006


this has been difficult.I have nothing to write about in my blog.I,truly speaking,have no interest in writing this @#* stuff.I mean,look at me.I am abot 5 and something feet,bespectacled,have a very lean structure ( by that,i mean very lean),buck-toothed, blubbering young man.Add to this repertoire stage-fright,shyness and an introvertive character.I am not the smartest guy in class,
nor am i the coolest guy.I am not my teacher's pet,and am most certainly not the son my parents to put it in a shell,I am an finding stuff to write about in my blog is a very difficult job.y life is as boring as you could expect.The most exciting thing I've done today isgo buy groceries. You see,the creator probably created me when he was just dabbling around with his canvas,like i do in my college lectures.I do not have a social life,I haven't won any awards or certificates i my lifetime,and have never gone on a date (neither do i expect to).I have wasted my 18 precious years doing nothing,wait,nothing.When my cousin suggested that i write a blog,i knew that i would run out of topics before he could sneeze.Do not get misled by the previous posts you might have read ( if ther is anybody out there reading this stuff....accept my grateful thanks and apologies) they were inspired... all right,copied from my friend's works.i do not have any creative thinking or originality of my own.You see these commodities are hard to find nowadays.Even if i had them,i doubt i would have been able to use them.If you've stayed with me for this long,you know what i'm talking about.You might as well ask me to go get a might or not be right.I have been so lazy till this moment that if anyone were to open my cupboard,he would be facing an avalanche of I-know-Not-What,that is if he survives the stench emanating from it.So, all in all,my life sucks.But what the heck! I still have time.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

MUmbai's lifeline- Trains

As any other mumbaikar who is stuck in this wonderfully horrible metropolis of 'Bombay'( I still prefer it that way),trains are my most preferred and often used mode of transport.Though i would not mind travelling in a car,i hardly am able to find someone who is kind enough to offer me a lift.I love travelling in trains,seriously.For me they offer a wonderful insight into the lives and minds of the people living here.The first thing that comes to your mind(or rather my mind) when i talk about people here is people.If you happen to chance a look at a mumbai local at any time in the morning or evening hours,i assume you might be looking at an assorted and jumbled collection of arms and legs with an odd face in between( i pity the guy).I,proudly declare,that i have survived my experiences of these things.Another most interesting facet is the system of "adjusting".For a person who is uneducated about this system,the sight of four or even five people sitting on a seat meant for three is absurd.But,beleive me,this is the best example of a wonderful display of brotherhood which is symbolic of this city.Anyways,you can't help it when 200 people board a compartment meant for 94.These trains are also the biggest stage for all the "Argumentative Indians" out there.You might be a witness to a fiercely argued contest over topics ranging from the Indian cricket team's latest defeat to a filmstar's impending marriage.Chances are that you might also be a partner to it.Oh yeah!one ore thing,indians do not take any shit.I myself have been a witness to blows being thrown,while people hang on to their dear life at the edge of the compartment.Nobody can beat us when push comes to shove.This fiercely explosive atmosphere does not mean that people are not happy about it.I have been a participant in someone's forteth bithday,as well as wishing somebodt else on his promotion.whether you know them,or they you,does not matter.There is no doubt,these people await shop-shut time only to be on their respective regular locals,rather than get home.For them,the journey is more important than the destination. with such colourful life onboard who would not.If it were not for these trains,we would have been like any other city - Busy and Boring.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

It is a strange thing to be a very intellectual daydreaming fool born in a practical middle class family in india.the absurdity of it is presented when the act of contemplating about the coming day,while sitting on your bed is defined as sleeping. i know,you just can't help it.Some people might never understand the necessity of the art of laziness. Let me warn those who are reading this that I am not at all another lazy couch potato,in fact i am nowhere near to loking like that.I am here just to drill into you workaholics the importance of the fast vanishing art.Laziness is like fiction - nobody beleives it,most people hate it,but everybody want it.The greatest thinkers of this century as well as before have promoted this art form.No,seriously.Ever wonderd what Newton was doing under the apple tree,or how long Archimedes was in the tub playing before he shoutrd "EUREKA". If you are laughing,let me tell you Panini dreamed about his greatest tune,he did not hit upon it while practising.Forget that,what do you think poets like Wordsworth,Keats,Shelley were? they were lazy daydreamers ( NO offense,i love them).I mean,could you imagine a guy who works from 9 to 5 come home and write such poetry?All right,if that sounds ridiculuous to you, listen to this.We hindus beleive that this entire universe is a dream ( Maya).It is the lord Vishnu who dreams it,reclining on the serpent of time.See,the benefits of laziness have been promoted throughout the ages in the world? India too,was,once upon a time,a lazy place to,unfortunately for me,it has changed.people around me are rushing- to office,schools,colleges ,even to the loo.Everyone works in a frenzy as though he has just doubled his strong coffee.Then they complain they are sufferring from stress,high blood pressure,and all nincompoop.Fine! if you do want to work your pants off,go ahead.But please,do not force others who don't want to ( Mom,you too).you think it a stupid idea ,i don't.If you want proof,ask anybody who wadted his time reading this article!!