Thursday, November 16, 2006

It is a strange thing to be a very intellectual daydreaming fool born in a practical middle class family in india.the absurdity of it is presented when the act of contemplating about the coming day,while sitting on your bed is defined as sleeping. i know,you just can't help it.Some people might never understand the necessity of the art of laziness. Let me warn those who are reading this that I am not at all another lazy couch potato,in fact i am nowhere near to loking like that.I am here just to drill into you workaholics the importance of the fast vanishing art.Laziness is like fiction - nobody beleives it,most people hate it,but everybody want it.The greatest thinkers of this century as well as before have promoted this art form.No,seriously.Ever wonderd what Newton was doing under the apple tree,or how long Archimedes was in the tub playing before he shoutrd "EUREKA". If you are laughing,let me tell you Panini dreamed about his greatest tune,he did not hit upon it while practising.Forget that,what do you think poets like Wordsworth,Keats,Shelley were? they were lazy daydreamers ( NO offense,i love them).I mean,could you imagine a guy who works from 9 to 5 come home and write such poetry?All right,if that sounds ridiculuous to you, listen to this.We hindus beleive that this entire universe is a dream ( Maya).It is the lord Vishnu who dreams it,reclining on the serpent of time.See,the benefits of laziness have been promoted throughout the ages in the world? India too,was,once upon a time,a lazy place to,unfortunately for me,it has changed.people around me are rushing- to office,schools,colleges ,even to the loo.Everyone works in a frenzy as though he has just doubled his strong coffee.Then they complain they are sufferring from stress,high blood pressure,and all nincompoop.Fine! if you do want to work your pants off,go ahead.But please,do not force others who don't want to ( Mom,you too).you think it a stupid idea ,i don't.If you want proof,ask anybody who wadted his time reading this article!!

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