Saturday, November 18, 2006

MUmbai's lifeline- Trains

As any other mumbaikar who is stuck in this wonderfully horrible metropolis of 'Bombay'( I still prefer it that way),trains are my most preferred and often used mode of transport.Though i would not mind travelling in a car,i hardly am able to find someone who is kind enough to offer me a lift.I love travelling in trains,seriously.For me they offer a wonderful insight into the lives and minds of the people living here.The first thing that comes to your mind(or rather my mind) when i talk about people here is people.If you happen to chance a look at a mumbai local at any time in the morning or evening hours,i assume you might be looking at an assorted and jumbled collection of arms and legs with an odd face in between( i pity the guy).I,proudly declare,that i have survived my experiences of these things.Another most interesting facet is the system of "adjusting".For a person who is uneducated about this system,the sight of four or even five people sitting on a seat meant for three is absurd.But,beleive me,this is the best example of a wonderful display of brotherhood which is symbolic of this city.Anyways,you can't help it when 200 people board a compartment meant for 94.These trains are also the biggest stage for all the "Argumentative Indians" out there.You might be a witness to a fiercely argued contest over topics ranging from the Indian cricket team's latest defeat to a filmstar's impending marriage.Chances are that you might also be a partner to it.Oh yeah!one ore thing,indians do not take any shit.I myself have been a witness to blows being thrown,while people hang on to their dear life at the edge of the compartment.Nobody can beat us when push comes to shove.This fiercely explosive atmosphere does not mean that people are not happy about it.I have been a participant in someone's forteth bithday,as well as wishing somebodt else on his promotion.whether you know them,or they you,does not matter.There is no doubt,these people await shop-shut time only to be on their respective regular locals,rather than get home.For them,the journey is more important than the destination. with such colourful life onboard who would not.If it were not for these trains,we would have been like any other city - Busy and Boring.

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Skin said...

Houdini three things
1) you mention that you prefer using Bombay to Mumbai (I agree....BT sucks!), but after that in the entire blog including its title you have used Mumbai.
2) You dont talk about the train's latent rules
a) Never be in the middle of the door if you are not getting in or getting out
b) There is a small spot at the edge of both sides of the door which you can stay even if you are not getting of the train.
c) in 2nd class seats a four seater can seat 5 or 6.
d) in 1st class seats, a four seater can seat only 4.
e) If you are girl and do not wish to be fondled- intentionally or unintentionally by males- do not board the 2nd class compartment.
f) If you are guy and wish to be fondled- intentionally or unintentionally by females- board the 2nd class ladies compartment.
g) At Dadar, Khar, Santacruz, Khadivilli, Ghatkopar, Kurla, and Dombivilli, if you do not want to get off, just stay several yards away from the door.
3)The singers and sellers in Bombay trains provide welcome entertainment to the travellers.