Thursday, November 23, 2006


this has been difficult.I have nothing to write about in my blog.I,truly speaking,have no interest in writing this @#* stuff.I mean,look at me.I am abot 5 and something feet,bespectacled,have a very lean structure ( by that,i mean very lean),buck-toothed, blubbering young man.Add to this repertoire stage-fright,shyness and an introvertive character.I am not the smartest guy in class,
nor am i the coolest guy.I am not my teacher's pet,and am most certainly not the son my parents to put it in a shell,I am an finding stuff to write about in my blog is a very difficult job.y life is as boring as you could expect.The most exciting thing I've done today isgo buy groceries. You see,the creator probably created me when he was just dabbling around with his canvas,like i do in my college lectures.I do not have a social life,I haven't won any awards or certificates i my lifetime,and have never gone on a date (neither do i expect to).I have wasted my 18 precious years doing nothing,wait,nothing.When my cousin suggested that i write a blog,i knew that i would run out of topics before he could sneeze.Do not get misled by the previous posts you might have read ( if ther is anybody out there reading this stuff....accept my grateful thanks and apologies) they were inspired... all right,copied from my friend's works.i do not have any creative thinking or originality of my own.You see these commodities are hard to find nowadays.Even if i had them,i doubt i would have been able to use them.If you've stayed with me for this long,you know what i'm talking about.You might as well ask me to go get a might or not be right.I have been so lazy till this moment that if anyone were to open my cupboard,he would be facing an avalanche of I-know-Not-What,that is if he survives the stench emanating from it.So, all in all,my life sucks.But what the heck! I still have time.

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