Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Books.....Ah I love thee!!

Books are the best friends a man can get.Yup,you heard it right.don't listen to some stupid guy just for the sake that he's hung around with you long enough to be your coat hanger.Maybe,I should rephrase that sentence( You see..My friends visit this blog);-).BTW,where was I?Yeah,Books.As i was saying...boy,I sound like an intellectual already,You may go to a friend when he is free.At times,when your friends are out selfishly eating alone,you meanwhile are sitting in a dark corner of your room writing nonsense in your blog or just slumbering not knowing what to do,Books are the best support that you have.

The following content may be a bit silly and nostalgic.For all those people who hate reading,sorry.

I have been a voracious reader,the most exact definition of the word.My father being quite a literateur himself,initiated me into this magical world pretty early in my age.At three,as the restof the people my age were going goo-goo-gaa-gaa-giggle,I was s-h-itting over my pa's newspapers.Of course my mom was annoyed.she thought one literature buff was hard enough to contend with.I progressed pretty fast.At five I began speaking my first word in english Ma ;-).My father would bring me loads of comic books.These proved to be the first education I got in fictional literature.I vaguely remember poring over dozens of phantom,mandrake the magician,spiderman and old western comics.

As i entered school,I gobbled up the education offered to me,quite literally.Once i had to be rushed to the school nurse for swallowing paper.Though i changed later,my appetite for books remained the same.I graduated to reading Fab Four,Magnificent seven etc but my favourite still was the old peter pan book.Something of its dreaminess and fantasy attracted me.By secondary,the world had recognised my talent.Teacher's loved me,students adored me,my parents smiled at me.But then something changed.As i entered college,I fell prey to the temptations that freedom stood to offer.Although my marks fell,my literary knowledge was steadily accumulating.The college library was my place for sometime,here i read Gandhi,Ludlum,Isaac Asimov,HG Wells,Dickens,Hemingway.But my pick always was the"Bard".I beleived nobody portrayed human emotions as wonderfully as him.The jealousy of othello,greed of shylock,vengeance of hamlet,pride of caesar.

Then i failed my exams.I suffered ignominy for procrastinating my studies.I thought i could never be anything in life.Maybe I was to fail and perish in the sands of time,without leaving a footprint.But even then,my family,especially my dad,did not lose hope in me.I wanted to be a journalist(high hopes for pea brain),but they beleived in me.I used to read in the free time that i got.I read Mulk raj anand,RKNarayan,Paulo Coelho,John Grisham,Robin Sharma.I loved their books.I was inspired and passed my exam eventually.

Today,I am doing my bachelors in Arts,with English literature as a subject.I would not have dropped it for the world.I have been through different stages of my life.The spring of childhood,The summer of adoloscence,the winter of my teenage,the autumn of my boyishness and am at the threshold beholding the spring again.I have had my share of friends,some good,some better.But none as best as them from the world of books.I still haven't read all great authors and most certainly haven't heard many greater ones,but all of them will be there when i turn to them for help.BTW,I still am reading.I have progressed to Milton,Wilde,Tolstoy.But the feeling of holding a book in my hand has not changed a bit.And I do not think it ever will.


Roshan said...

I am reading your blog. It is becoming better, each day. Much, much better.

Keep Posting.

And seriously, I really donno, what my comment could be or should be.

Am enjoying reading your blogs. In techie-words they seem to have a phase shift. Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

hello!I love the work of Paulo Coelho!!!! Do you know that he has a newsletter?
You can also go to his blog and comment with other readers your impressions...
it's simply wonderful!
happy holidays!