Friday, December 22, 2006

I hate mobile phones

Till a week ago,I was among the lesser and deprived class.People looked down upon me,refused to consider me as an equal.I was pitied upon by some,criticized by others.NEvertheless,I stood out in my class.No,I still was not hte best student or the most honest either.I was the only one in my class,who did not have a mobile phone!!!

The mobile phone....I do not know hwen the trend began,but it spread rapidly.What with the falling prices of this seemingly hot commodity,people gave up the landline connexion as forgotten.All they use it for today is the internet,if at all they have a dial up connection.The mobile is one thing any young,old or middle aged person can't seem to do without.Everywhere i look,I find people insolently chatting away on their sleek gizmos.I wonder if they are the same people,who are so quiet when asked a question?Strange are the ways of the connecting-people.

One thing I grant this "mobile Revolution,it has broken down the divide between the classes namely - Upper,Middle,Lower.I remember last week,as I was going to collegewith my friend.He was fiddling with his plaything,trying to impress me with its capabilities.I was totally put off,since I myself did not have a mobile.The auto driver - May the Lord have mercy upon his soul - i suppose,sensed this.As we got down,the damn machine rang.My dear brutus,instinctively went for his only to find that he was at the wrong phone.The sound emanating was from the Rickshaw driver's pocket.I watched amused,as the driver picked it up,exihibiting the costly piece.That for you was a simple daily incident,for me it was an act symbolising how narrow the divide between classes has become.Of Course,I am speaking without the rural idea of the economy.But,you get the picture.

On the worse side,technology has its faults and harms,in this case greivous ones.I often see people garbling in their own inimitable voices near hospitals,schools even cemetaries,innocent of the knowledgeable harm they cause to people around them.These,however,can be forgiven in a metropol like Bombay,what really irks me is the drone of some insensitive idiot on his deary piece,when I,of all people I,am talking to him.Technology does not have a heart,it could not be more in your face.

I was a vehement opposer of this branch of technology,called mobile communications;till last week.If you had met me then,I would have proudly shown off that I have something you do not,freedom from a machine.I was a complete man,without a mechanical piece jutting out from my ears,or sitting heavily in my pocket for you to see.But Alas!!!I too fall.Aye,my dear friends,I too have a mobile today.I am now tied to forcibly listen to somebody garbling on the other line,wherever I may be,excuses of "weak network" notwithstanding.
I realise that now,more than ever in history,is man dependant on machines.Long far is not the day when machines will cease to be slaves,conquer and HG Wells would say,albeit smilingly,from his grave,"I told you so".


Roshan said...

Who's HG???

Anyways ... Jhakas!!!! Jabardast!!!
From the bottom of my heart! Absolutely Amazing! Superb posts man.

Anonymous said...

Like what?
hydrocodone bitartate

Anonymous said...

I just think it is a way of escaping where you are. Somehing you should know about-houdini:) Being on the cell phone lets you be where you would rather be-anywhere, but here:)
Not a bad thing when you are in a shady neighbourhood and your car breaks down or you had a bad day and the person who can make you feel better lives far away or you are confronted with an abolute fool who makes you weep in boredom... wouldn't you want to be elsewhere?:)

Anonymous said...

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