Tuesday, December 05, 2006

An interesting happening

I have no interest in religion,god and things supernatural( though i wouldn't mind aliens,ghosts,).And i hate to waste my sundays on things like these.Unfortunately i am born in a chaste south-indian hindu brahmin family with so devout a lineage that if i made an attempt i could introduce you to god.So i have to take care that i keep up the reputation of the family at social gatherings( not that i've managed to do it).Most of our social gatherings happen under the pretext of a religious function.Such happenings are the places where south indian mami's gossip with one another on topics ranging from the food to somebody's marriage.My behaviour in such places ought to be utmost proper.The family deity had come visiting to my city,and my parents did not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.I had to tag along. As i stood there in the mile-long queue,i wondered if god really looked at all these people and ever wondered what to do with them.Imagine a 4 lac people mob coming to see you,Heck!Elvis might not have seen that popularity.I watched people in all kinds of attires, devoutly praying and chanting.I have a strong dislike towards rituals.Hinduism,on the contrary,is solely made up of rituals.So i often cross paths with the elders of my family.As i was bumming up standing in the snail line,under the hot afternoon sun,i spoke aloud on the blind faith on god.Unfortunately,for me,an young hexagenarian behind me heard it.He launched himself into a long advice on what is the importance of religion.I cringed and thought that maybe this was the reason Marx,had invented socialism.The drone was so long that i hardly noticed it was time for us to have darshan.As i enterd and had a look at the idol,astrange thought crossed my mind.The idol was a golden one.At the first look you might have noticed it to be of a man with four arms( VISHNU).THE smile on his face was beatific.Nowonder,people thronged to see it.But was it really god? Iremembered Voltaire " If god created us in his likeness,we have returned him the favor". It felt strangely true.I bent down and prostrated before the idol,i sensed my defeat.Though i did not accept him as god i still paid my respects to him,like a respectable foe.I looked at the faces off my parents,they were blissful.Maybe,i thought,this is the hope on which they as well as crores of other people,carry on with their lives.

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