Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Of all the subjects I have,or am suposed to have,studied in school,college tuition class etc there never was,is or will be one as hated and derogatory as MATHEMATICS!!No,really,I mean it.I know there are people that would be hurt to read this,but guys sorry.I have to tell the truth someday.

I was born a very intelligent kid,education ruined me and vice versa. Seriously,I was supposed to be the hope for the future (Hey!! that's what my parents told me). Sadly,I was put into a school.I did exceptionally well the first three years.My teachers beleived that I was a genius in the making,many of them adored me.I was an outstanding student,not the kind you think though!!

The slide in my form began when I was in the sixth standard.Until then,I had no problem with a commonly known subject named Maths.I had not yet come face to face with my arch-nemesis-to-be.Then I got problems in the real sense of the term.What with Simple Interest(which was in no means simple,nor did it raise any interest from me),Compound Interest ( All it compounded was my troubles), Vulgar fractions( true to its word).I took blow after blow. Round one - Maths.

Enter Higher Secondary Mathematics.My first Board Exams were in the offing.I pored over books day and night( all right ,not all the time).Maths, was one big pain in the wrong place for me.I grappled with problems of various complex algebraic expressions,lines angles and tangents.None of whiich had any use for me,at least none I could think of.Add to that all kinds of areas,surface areas,curved surface areas,volumes.I have no idea how I cleared my papers? The volume formulae were travelling at a parabolical curve parallel to my head by an overtly obtuse angle( HOW I LOVE THIS SENTENCE!!!).Trignometry passed me,like the bully in school,giving me dirty looks.I had an irresistible temptation to catch the textbook and rip it apart,though I never gathered enough guts to do it.I proceeded further in life,hoping I might escape the clutches of this devil.

College.A place where I assumed I would be free.A massive mistake!!I was about to face the more complex mathematical calculations of my life.Calculus,Derivatives,Integrals,trignometry and the Lord knows what!!Yeah,I know.Life is unfair.No prizes for guessing that I could not take it any more.I was knocked clean off my feet.One,Two,Three and Pinfall!the family was shocked.We never had such ignominy amongst ourselves.What would the world say!!I was stunned.Needless to say,I have recovered partially from that vicious right hook that the subject of mathematics gave me on that fateful day. Obviously,I cleared my paper later.And you are right If you guessed that I dropped the subject.Yup,I chose ARTS and turned philosopher(Everyone who suffers,knows about life's traps).

Since then,I have left all mathematical calculations alone in peace.Albeit some small ones are done by me,the rest I do not even try on the calculator.For me,some things are never to be.or to literally translate a saying in my mother tongue "If you see the devil,leave him alone".

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