Thursday, December 21, 2006

My thoughts about tranquility.

Its a very cheerful morning.The sun is shining high and bright in the sky,which looks as if somebody just painted it.People are on the run.Most of them have reached their respective offices and are going through the tasks that the day has set for them.Fortunately,I have nothingto do today.I guess,I am one of the few lucky ones who watch time rushing past them and never suffer the temptation of trying to stop it.For people like me,the sun always shines.

You might call me lazy,or even a day-dreamer,but as John lennon would add, I am not the only one.Personally I love lazing around,watching people hurry to keep up to their deadlines,struggle to fulfilll promises and suffer through hours of work.Of course,some of them love doing it.I know my dad loves working till he's absolutely drained.He says it helps him forget troubles and gives him deep sleep.Maybe,but I would still prefer taking things slowly.For,I love to live life as it was a precious vintage wine,Smell,feel,sip,and then feel.

My mom has always questioned my attitude.I remember her asking me to do things more seriously,I could not.I beleive life is too short to work very hard and too long to take a nap.Right now,I can afford to take a time,the ever cunning thief,passes me by, I as the others would be joining the mad rush - the rat race - as they call it.So don't be surprised if you would see me somewhere as a harried young man,working gruelling hours in an office.But then,maybe you won't see me at all.I wonder at the strangeness of people forgetting to realise the magnificence of nature,even man,as they run about doing their work.About a lakh of busybodies pass from the Victoria Terminus or the Mumbai Chattrapati Shivaji teminus,as it is called today,and do not notice the awing edifice that towers them.Most of them are busy enough hinking what mood their boss is in today.They do not realise that even in a very tense situation,little observations and sillythings might calm the mind and soothe the soul.Why else did Wilde say "To calm the senses by the soul,and the soul by the senses.That is the aim of life."

It is difficult to be like i am all your life,even for me.I might change,no,I know i will.All I hope for is that the change is not very extreme,that i may still withold the calmness to see all that is beauty in things.

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Roshan said...

Wah! Kya baat hai!! too good a post