Friday, December 08, 2006

My week in the gym

Today is a day of redemption for me.I have been promising that i would go to the gym for days,no,months now.I never made it past the gate.Since childhood,i was never the physical type.You would be accurate if you pictured me as an introverted,intellectual,bespectacled,thin,not very tall boy. I hardly remember myself going for a game of cricket,football,or anything for that matter.You would find me in the library...I even knew the librarian by her name.Then something happened.As I entered my late teens, I began to realise the disastrous effect of my physique on my personality.All around me i saw boys taller,more well built than me.The teachers in college hardly noticed me( that you could defer to the lack of visibility owing to the taller dumbass sitting ahead of me)I lost confidence.All my years of putting faith in the power of wisdom were a waste.I decided to put an end to this suffering.I resolved to change myself into the ultimate male that everyone adores and respects.I decided that one day i am going to take on the class bully and ground him to dust and....Ok,maybe i am overreacting.Hmmm.....To say i was 'pumped up' would be an understatement, But the lack of courage and conviction never allowed me to enter the restricted area of the place.I often visualised the Gym as a place where a human being was turned into a mass of muscle,as often shown on TV.To tell the truth,I wasn't very comfortable with the idea of exhibiting myweak body frame in front of some brawny muscleman who would,for obvious reasons be snickering in his heart.Well, finally i did join the gym.And i am further informing you that this was my first week there.How was it?Well,For a start,I am not able to get up and walk straight in the mornings because of the pain in my back,legs etc.I lack the strength to lift my left arm as i think i might have pulled my muscle.AND...the bruise on my right shoulder stings....before you ask,i dropped SOMETHING on it.Now,if you think that i will continue going there ,you are either too optimistic or some nutcase philosopher.My brother here says i might be exaggerating the injuries a bit but i assure you that the pain i am going through disagrees with his saying.I think i was fine with the only load on mmy head being that of a pending exam,not a real headache caused by over exertion

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Skin said...

I cannot forget my first day to the Gym. It was horrible. The body ached like every part of it will fall off and walk away from me. My friends, who were gym veterans, told me that it is very important to go to the gym consitently for the first five days. thats what helps your body adjust...a painful adjust at that. But I would look at my friend who used to join me. he had his share of probs too...for starters since he was ..."big"...he struggled to do surya namaskar. There would be three people helping him do the pull ups. But he has his success story too. By the 10 th day he was doing surya namaskars and pulls ups by himself. Moi...I just love working out...if I am up to it. Nowadays...either I am too lazy or just tensed on other things to devote my time for work out. Hopefully there will be a comeback story for me too!!!