Tuesday, December 12, 2006


What a day!I hardly could rest for a moment. The day started on a very serious note.I woke up very early...and by that i mean very early,at around 6 am.But then,i could not keep my eyes open for very long.I just closed them for a moment,and the next time i opened them it was 8.30.Damn!!gotta rush to college.I already missed the 7 am lecture(not that i make it everyday).a quick shower,brush and coffee and i am off.

Phew! I reached college almost in time for my third lecture.All i didn't know was that i had a surprise in waiting.There were to be no lectures today on account of some silly day being celebrated in Junior college.That is a relief.The rest of my time was spent hanging around our indoor sports room.At about 11.30,me and my friends could hear our stomachs grumbling.You see,one cup of coffee and some breakfast hardly fills teenage stomachs,You oughtta see some of my more famished acquaintances to realise the acute hunger and poverty in india!The only problem in sight was that we are a greedy group of robbers who never pay for their food.We find some 'BAKRA' who would do that for us.Did we find someone? You betcha!

Back home.Well,i don't do anything at home,so i decided that i fill up this mostly empty webspace. Hope you read it!

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