Thursday, December 28, 2006

The View from Behind

There is something about man and machines that touch the deep instincts,regardless of their depth.I specifically stress on Man and Machine,as I don't know much about girls ;-) No,seriously.Look around you.You'll find teenagers zipping past in bikes,cars and rollerskates(the latest IN thing after Dhoom2).I mean....I don't understand.Why does everybody want to drive something?Strange.My friends drive bikes,cars,cycles and when they have time left,they drive me nuts.I,personally enjoy being pillion.It is a separate experience.

I do not exactly remember when,but I think it was on a cousin's bike that I got my first pillion ride.I was taken from the second I sat on it.It felt amazing.I jumped on to the bandwagon.From that day on,whenever somebody asked me,if I needed a lift I never said never again.I heard that!!@#^* I assure you I am not that lazy.I walk about a mile to college......whenever i go there every......week.Coming back to the story...from that day on I loved anything with wheels on it.

My adventures with wheels began in my summer vacations after school.I was at my uncle's place and decided to learn the bicycle.It was a tough call.Basically,since I wore glasses.Yeah,I could hardly walk straight on my feet without them.But,I had decided.So,I started cycling.You gotta give it to my bros coz they hung on to me even at the cost of their bikes.I don't know exactly how many times I crashed it,but I guess it was a lot.I bumped quite a few people,some kids and hurt myself sore.Worst case....I broke my glasses,I didn't even have a spare back then.I had to spend a week walking like a blind man.In the end,my perseverance paid off.I had learnt to ride the bicycle.Though I lost interest in it very soon thereafter.Do I need to add,that my bicycle is still rotting somewhere.

I had grown up.No longer for me,the silly bicycle.I had my eyes set on bigger and better things.The noise of an engine vrrooming and revving up excited me more.I desired to learn to drive those mean machines.But as usual,soon lost the drive.I realised that driving required the usage of brains,which I HAD,but hardly use.So I concentrated on other means to enjoy a ride.Suddenly the benefits of being a pillionrider caught my eye.

Now look at it.Being a pillion rider is the easiest way to enjoy a long drive.Of course,you run the risk of injuring yourself worse than the driver and can hardly hear a word spoken by him(except in a car),but weigh it against the perks - Heckle the driver without a care,keep nagging him,take in the sights without a rush or worry,eat your snacks without having to hurriedly swallow them.See,such fun.Also the view is great.So who wants to drive,worry about the traffic,signals,etc.So since then,much to the chagrin of the drivers,I ride pillion all the time.

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