Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Hmmm..the day has been pretty nonchalant so far.Nothing has happened till now.Well,nothing exceptional ,that is.I woke up this morning late again.So late,that it was no use even going to college.No wonder my disliking profs hardly recognise me when i,on certain special occassions,sit for their lectures.I remember my politics prof being very political towards me by asking me to define those things which he knew i would not know.Coming back to the present,after having my breakfast i took some time off reading newspaper,watching tv and roaming around.Hope i might build up the heart to pick up my book and study for a while.It has been a while since i did that,Also i need to go to the univ to check out their german language course.My friend has been asking me to do it for quite some time.I really gotta pull up me socks ,maan!The problem is .....they stink!!!

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