Friday, January 05, 2007

Get a life folks!!!

I have done nothing for the past two days.Nothing at all :-)) I was suposed to attend college yesterday,but I never got up on time.I was also supposed to see off my friend today,which very clearly i am in no mood to do.I am in my laziest spell ever.So i am not going to fill anything todya.If you so want to read,read my previous post(I bet you'll sleep before you catch the end).


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roshan said...

So go ahead, and do something good. Read the newspaper and find out how you can contribute articles that the society should ponder about.
How pan-chewing members could come up with an idea of "katora" for spitting their remains.

How people buying tickets / paper packed materials / etc throw remains in the closest dustbin and where could they find one?

In short, how can you keep your city clean. Your house need not be very clean, but you city would have to be :)