Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to......?

'The college campus is one of the best places to look for a story',that's what the book said.Which book?The book I am reading rightnow, a how-to on 'creative feature writing'.All right!!I don't want you people laughing out there.I observed for quite a while that I am not able to attract any readers onto my blog.I know I am not the best writer around,and also that I am not the worst out there.So I decided to better myself.All i didn't know was where to start from.I guessed the library would be a good idea.

I went to the college library yesterday.I was accompanied by one of the more smart guys around in college.I don't know why,but I am scared of the library corridors.I mean, with all the serial killing going on around, you never know who is lurking behind those dark,unused and creaky shelves.It is a creepy place if you would take my word.Anyways,we decided to stand our grounds and fight like men.We went through a few shelves of English Literature,the most dusty ones.Then we moved on to the obvious choices,Mass Communication.I found my required book lying obscurely between a pair of other business management boks(wonder how they got there?).I picked it up and rushed through the pages.It looked rrather interesting to me.My friend on the other hand,was onto some old book named 'War and Peace'.I left him to his own bits and 'peaces',and checked the book out.

As the librarian turned the book,I noticed that it had never been checked out before.He looked suspiciously at me.I questioned myself,that whether I should have taken some other lightweight book,that I may not look like a first year student writing a thesis paper.He gave it back to me at long last.I thrust the book into my bag,and rushed out of the library to do muuch better things,do not ask me what ;->

As I returned from college,the presence o the book was almost was only when I was rummaging through the rucksack for my diary that I noticed it.I pulled it out and sat down to read.Quite interesting book,I have to say.'Look around you for a good staory',it said.Yeah right.If i look aroud myself,all i find is a dirty room with things lying in any place that the find comfortable.That would make a good story,hahahah.The next place to look for a sstory is your workplace or college/university.sorry dude.Both won't work.For one,I don't work.The second reason,I attend college as regularly as the postman comes to my house,which is every time ther is a function/national holiday.So that is the reason why I did not get a story for you guys today.Hope that I do get a good one by tomorrow,for your sake.I never worry about mine.

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