Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The longest part

My schedule for the past few days has been going haywire.I have no idea where my studies stand in comparison with college lectures.I haven't hit the gym for the past few...weeks ..maybe.My brain is complaining that it hasn't been to work for a long time.That was what i thought when i decided to attend college today.

So late as I was, i got up and rushed to attend lectures.I had missed a couple of them already,so I hurried for the third one.I was climbing up the staircase when my friends called upon me.We are a pretty bad group,in the sense that we are never together.As I neared the classroom,i realised lectures had already begun.Our English Literature class has a variety of teachers.A teacher for each day,and every one as different from the other as chalk from cheese.My lecturer today was in a lousy mood,not that i would be able to tell if he were happy.He started droning about a long length of comparisons between shakespearean tragedy and a Hardian tragedy.His long face surely added sincerity to the topic.We waited very eagerly for the bell to ring.One down two to go.

The next class i had to attend was the sociology one.I like this class better than the other ones,at least we are not forced to listen.We hardly have time to look up from writing.The teacher started dictating as soon as she entered.The only time she stopped was when somebody reminded her that she had yet to take the 'attendance'.AH!"Attendance",the only real reason for which people like me attend college.As soon as that was done,the 'train' resumed its journey.

The last lecture,quite literally, was that of sanskrit.Don't give me that look!!I had to take this subject as my second language or opt for marathi/gujarati/hindi.At least I am reading the indian equivalent of latin.Though i must confess,it is no different.Unfortunately I had to attend this class today.I sat down to listen to a story from the 'panchatantra'.Yaaaawnnn!Just before the moral of the story,the bell rang out.Sir walked out saying "Try not to yawn so loudly next time." Yeah,yeah,.Anyways that done I decided to leave for home.My friends wanted me to stay and join the cricket match,but my stomach was rebelling.

I reached home amid severe intestinal spasms.It is in such times that you would think the loo is a far better place to be in than heaven!!!Ahhh,to hear the flush is liberating,literally.But the pain has not yet subsided.I wil have to look for some of those 'old Grandma recipes' for 'tummy tucks'
So could you excuse me please!!!


Roshan said...

Umm...Yawns indicate two things.
One - you are sleepy in lectures - A big NO NO!

Two - You are really bored with what's happening around you.

Are you attending lectures regularly? Hope you don't fall into the "black" list! :-P

Houdini said...

Mujhko blacklist mein pakadna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai!! ;-))