Friday, January 19, 2007

My best friend.....

I see him everyday.At least once in every six hours.He is about the same height as me,in the same age group.Everytime he sees me,he has this odd twinkle in his bespectacled eye;as if he knows what I am going to say next.We don't speak to each other most of the time,we don't need to.Only on occassions when I am very nervous or excited do I open up to him.He is a very kindhearted boy.He is always there,whether I look for him or not,I know.My friends say he looks just like me,I disagree.I am not so naive.Agreed he has the same hairstyle as me,though I look much better in it.His fashion sense is good,but untidy.His face sports an unshaven look,which does not suit him.It does not matter to him.He is a rebel.

I see him everyday.Dressed almost the same way as I would,he looks pretty smug.I do not know much about his nature,but my friends say he is a bit of a softie with a tough heart underneath.It is strange how we have a common circle of friends but still do not know each other well.At the first look he is like any other ordinary guy with a slightly freckled face.He does not look like a very shy or introverted person.But I have a feeling that he is a bit insecure.He is very thin for his age,probably has bad eating habits like me.Or maybe something is eating him up from within.On the first glance you might call him my alter-ego,but the chances of you seeing the both of us together is far and few between.

I see him everyday.As though he knew what I knew.How I wish I could decipher that look on his face.Is it the joy of knowing some secret of mine?Or is it the pain of his own sorrows?Maybe it is that reading look which he uses to judge my character?No,the half smile suggests an admirer in him,maybe? Ohh!How I wish I knew what he was thinking.Maybe he will tell me if I ask him?No,he turns his back on me.He is a mystery.

I see him everyday.He looks at me and grins.His half white teeth,have grown oddly giving him an almost fearful yet childish look.He blinks his eyes giving me the signal that my choice of apparel is good.We part,as always, in opposite directions.As I think of him,a sly smile crosses my face.I have known his existence since a very long time,yet through all these years his behaviour towards me hasn't changed one bit. My friend,my alter-ego,the companion of my soul........The boy in the mirror.

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