Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The past two days

It is 2-01-07. Happy New Year.That was a reminder that the year 2006 has become last year,lets move on.To where??To how I Celebrated My First Day Of The New Year.

I have a very cynical view about the working of this world and its inhabitants.So I do not think the way most people do.So the way I ushered in my New Year would be very boring to people like you.What matters is what I did in my New Year.

31st morning.Its D-day.Everybody woke up late.Usual for me.I had a place to go to though.Crap!People won't let you rest in peace,even on this day.The ocassion was of the marriage of my friend's sister.Hmmpph!To tell the truth,I hardly know her.I went there just for the sake of my dear friend,and of course the free buffet that he was doling out.You betcha!The food was lipsmackingly good.With,basundi,rasmalai,roomali roti,chan masala,alu palak,paneer tikha,salad,pasta,and the most necessary - Ice cream,I freaked out on the food.I didn't care if i was bed ridden for gastro-something,I won't be getting this opportunity in a long time.Apart from that it was a reunion for us guys.We are five of a group.Often,we never see each other's faces for a very long time.Maybe that is the secret of the longevity of our friendship.So all done,I moved on.On the way,we casually wished the bride and the groom.It is unlike us to carry any gifts,but we bought something easy on our pockets.

I got back by about three in the evening.I was tired already.I was hoping that there are no plans today.By the lok of the house,I judged that people were in no mood to party.I thanked god.I settled into an easy chair and dozed off.All those plans we made a day back,were washed of by a flood of surreal dreams.When I woke up,I found the scene changing.Suddenly one of my cousins said he'll be back and left.There was no sign of him fo the next six hours or more.The other,a geek,was sitting on the comp,true to his clan.I was now getting bored.I turned to my oldest companion and friend.The good old television.I sat and watched anything that was on.I hardly remember when I had dinner or the time I slept,but I do remember waking up the next day with an ominous feeling.

My head was numbly aching.The formal greetings over,we marched over to our aunt's place.Why? to wish them, silly!But contrary to the vibrant mood all around her,my aunt was ...well,to put it in a word "steaming".Actually,if you could revert to the flashback,you would have noticed me making promises about celebrating the New Year with everybody in tow.But promises are made to be broken.Unfortunately for her,my aunt does not believe in that.She fired left,she fired right,and we were sitting ducks.The only consolation bein that I wasn't the only one being fired.So much for being a close knit family.

My last year was spent the same way as this year,before the television set.Luckily for me,while all this was happening,my sister had gone to pick up her friend.We escaped unhurt.
So we sat down and planned as never before.The plan for afternoon lunch got cancelled,as we had lunch at home.So it was to be in the evening.

As evening neared,things began to get worse.My stomach started reolting to the food I had in the afternoon.Add to that the friend my sister was bringing along.So it meant that I had to behave.We left pretty late,so late that I was almost beginning to hope that we won't go.Where were we headed for?A hip place downtown, the plan was to hit a coffee joint and sit there.

We reached our destinations fast.As I sat down i realised that my bladder was full and on the verge of exploding.Damn!!The place looked pretty good,so I couldn't picture myself letting free in a corner.We searched around in vain.But then,loos in such places are hiden in obscure locations such that you never find one when you need it.I sat down hoping that my dam holds up.

We placed the order.It was a cofee joint so a cofee was in the calling,so were some pastries and desserts.But the surprise material was to be the Hookah. The hookah is an ancient form of smoking.It somewhat resembles a water pitcher with aa long pipe attached to it which supplies you with draughts of your stuff.We,being non smokers,chose for an ordinary mint one,though not entirely free of harm.I ordered a moroccan tea for accompaniment.MY bad!!The tea s{*#s.Man,was it bad! So i digged on the pastries and turned to the new and inviting prospect of smoking a hookah.

As I watched my more professional cousin blow puffs of designer smoke into the atmosphere,I was excited.It was a totally new experience!Though I felt the guilt of committing the sin,it vanished after a first few draughts.Now I know what smokers feel.I was almost addicted to it.We immediately had a competition on who could blow the best.I'll be glad to tell you that I wasn't the winner.The experiment had given me an elated feeling,and that is what saved me from feeling guilty about the bill.

When we were returning home,the elation vanished.My insides began to turn and churn whatever I had fed them.The moroccan tea felt like sour lemon on my tongue.My stomach felt very turgid.The bumpy roads were continually forcing me to throw up.I held my nerves and managed to reach home.Boy,that was a relief.Home cooked food tasted like heaven after Moroccan tea.Post dinner I realised that I had been strained of all my energy,I could hardly stay awake.

I fell off to sleep dreaming myself in a egyptian tent siping on a hookah and watching the Nile flow by.Then came the ............ Moroccan Tea!!!!


Roshan said...

Interesting ending.

Seems as if, the geeky brother had no motivation from within to buck up others too.

Perhaps we had a silent beginning, for a so-called noisy year! ;) (of festivals and occasions in the year).

g-and-elf said...

Pretty good one though a bit long for me to read.You sure ought to get a life for yourself.Don't you have any friends

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