Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Purged of my sins

I am not a very devout person,so when my cousin invited me ..or rather impored upon me to accompany him to a temple on the outskirts of this huge metropolis,it would be an understatement to say that I was apprehensive.What weakened the faith more was that the plan was to hit the road by 5 am.Forget IT!!! No way am I going to be able to do that.Not if the great god himself lands up and pulls mme out of bed is it possible.The guy was unmoved by such dramatics.We are going,he said laconically.The trip was to be kept short,sweet and fast.I looked up and said "dude!wassop? what are you planning?".We went to sleep very late that night,i think at 12.As my thoughts drifted I knew the impossile task that awaited me.

BZZZZZZZZZZ!!!The damn alarm went.Groggily,I searched for my mobile(I've kinda grown fond of it now;-) ) It showed 4.25 am.I looked around.The room was very silent,except for the occassional creaking of the fan and the lonely rat looking for food,nothing stirred.I knew it, No idiot in his right mind is going to wake up so early and leave,of all places,to a temple.Such acts are left alone to the elderly of the house.I couldn't hold out for much long,a small nap and i would be fine;I thought.when I awoke to my dear brother trying to shake me like a medicine bottle,it was 5:15 am."We're late",he whispered.Yeah right!I said to myself.He asked me to hit the shower.The bathroom is a very cold place in the early mornings.....who am i kidding?It was just 4 hrs past the night.I anyways hate the idea of taking a bath,and the prospect of doing so in cold weather was bone-chilling.I gingerly stepped into the wet marble floor.A shiver ran up my spine.I checked the temperature of the water.Just as I thought,it was lukewarm,not enough to warm an ice cube.The best part of closed doors is,no one knows for sure whether you did bathe or not.after a few splashes of water on my face,I stepped out only to be greeted by a blast of chill emanating from the fan.Drats!!We dressed up fast and ventured outside.

The outside was as silent as the inside(though i prefer the latter for its warmth). As we braved the morning chill,I was trying to imagine the thoughts of my company,what in heavens is he thinking??it looked like I was not the only one.He had called on one more of his friend along.Right,so the trio set off.A strange sight we made on the desolated strip of raod.We hailed a rick and got in.The rickshaw driver was in a jolly good mood,as he sped like michael schumacher on a empty main road.By the time we reached the railway station,I was beginning to feel the chill.The train sojourn was worse.Beleive me,when in the very early mornings the train is careening through dark trails and the cold,merciless wind cuts at your face;the last thing you want to do is hang at the door.Brrrr!was it cold.We picked up a fourth passenger at my home station.We knew each other well enough to be on first names,me being the youngest in the group.We reached the destination in a quarter of an hour more.

The temple is pretty far away from the railway station,the choices of travel being a rickshaw or a buggy.We chose the former,much to my discomfort.All through the journey the driver had his eyes more on my white face and knuckles than on the road.looked like my discomfort was very amusing to him.We approached the temple after buying something to please the deity.The task is not easy,the god being an elephant one (we love animals).I found surprisingly(sic) that the temple premises were very much empty.We finished the visit fast,except that salutation part.As the others sat on the floor in order to meitate a bit,I dozed off.If it wasn;t for my brother who tapped me,I would have made a joke of myself.The best part is,he thought that i was deep in prayer,the good lord bless him.When we decided to head home the sun was up and beginning to shake out of his slumber.I never spoke of my discomfortas the others ha goals in their hearts,(good boys).I went home in dire need of a soft bed and some dreamy sleep.I wasn't dissappointed.

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Roshan said...

Who is the fourth person? Should have mentioned. Chitta? ??

You and I should learn to wake up early. Good for both of us. :)