Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sleepless in Somaiya(Ayurvihar)

Boy what a harangueing 24 hours I have spent! I know that you people might have spent worse hours,but excusez moi,this is my blog.To really provide you with the full elements of the story,I'll have to rewind it to yesterday....No,maybe back to the 'Bone Corrector' issue.Right.On Jan 04 'o7,I had posted the blog on one of my cousins getting himself a fracture absolutely free(You ever in need of one.You know whom to contact...)This is the sequel to that post of mine.So here goes,

It began yesterday.I was suposed to visit the 'ol boy' in the hospital.It was heard that he was in pretty bad shape.add to it that the operation to be done on his structure was preponed.Suddenly there arose panic all around.People started off to the hospital.I had my college to attend to(an excuse always used wisely).I attended college,but missed the first two lectures(Surprise!!).Then,after all else was done and nothing else left to pass my time on,I decided to do some goodwill hunting.I planned on going to the hospital for the operation.Personally,I was a very frequent visitor to hospitals in my childhood.I spent most of my time out of school in hospitals.So I was looking forward to this visit.

The hospital is situated on quite a lonely spot,near a highway.I do not know why build hospitals in places that are acessible by a fast road and resemble haunted buildings in the night.Both equally deadly.Anyways,I reached there by about mid-afternoon,only to find that the 'Operation' had just begun.The wait had begun too.

All my relatives,well at least the closest ones were there.walking outside the corridor of the OT like it was a Bypass surgery.I watched all the elders worrying so badly,thst it even caused me to think that this is indeed a serious case.The nail-biting finally ended after about three hours.The operation was a sucess the Docs declared.At least they thought so.The fact was the patient has suffered a "multiple fracture".Hmm...looks like he is going to be in the sling for about a month or two.Now I don't wanna add that 'I told you so'.So,I keep quiet and make a sorry face.

Fixing everything in the hospital s indeed difficult.After arranging everything and making the patient(Who,all this time,had no idea what he was speaking.For a clue,neither did I???) comfy,we arrived at the 'Big Q'. "Who is to stay on for the night?".The parents of the child,were obviously very eager(Poor people),but for the sake of their health,the onus fell upon the youngsters.We,the young of this family are a very lazy lot.To add,the number of us present were apalling.Considering the person afflicted was one amongst us,and the conditions demanded us to be supportive.One is a 'GEEK' who is,you know what.The other one,his brother that is,was just back from work.Filthy,double crossing scum,because of them i had to stay back.The thought of staying back did not hurt me as much as the fact that I had to do it for the stubborn ass with a fractured arm.Hell!!why do these things always happen to me?

I readied myself for the night.The mobile that I got recently,proved a handy companion in the loneliness.Half the night was spent listening to Clif Richards singing 'A Girl Like You', the remaining half going around watching patients turn over.Then the nightmare begun.The patient awoke.He suddenly realised that the pain in his arm was killing,till then the existence of the same arm had been a well guarded secret.HE tried to change the position odf his arm,to reduce the pain(stupid),and I rebuffed him for doing so.Remember one thjing readers,Never teasee a wolf,that too a wounded one.I was on the other side of the saying now.The ****** didn't let me sleep at all the whole night.He was howling,raging,crying,and shifting his arm.I,on the other hand was trying to stop him from doing anything that would prove harmful to his arm.No you idiot,I wasn't trying to be the good samaritan,I was just scared hat if anything untoward happens,I would be the first one to whom all fingers shall point to.I was trapped.I rushed to the nursse,who gave him a sleeping tablet to ease his pain.That hardly worked.The rest of the night...or rather morning,for it was already past 2 am,was spent talking/arguing.By the time my eyes could get sleep,it was five am.

All this while,there wa a person right beside me,sleeping so soundly that it would not matter if hell broke loose upon him.He,I have to give it to him,is an early riser.He likes to see the sun emerge out of the horizon to wish him a good morning.The good fella was up and about by 6 am and in his enthusiastic style,woke me up.The anger I was experiencing cannot be subjected to words.But after all 'Words are all I have'.To put it in short,the act of sleep was something I did not experience today.

Later in the day,the boy needed to be uploaded with some amount of blood,to increase his strength.OH yeah! he needs strength.So we set about finding the cost.It was a bit too high on our pockets.So,we decided to get into Barter Exchange.Two of us were to donate our blood,in retaliation for the blood they give to our boy.What a bloody exchange!!Well,I was among the two of us who were party to this exchange.The rest I do not remember,but I guess I am spent writing this much.

The remaining story will be published in the next post.Keep reading.


Roshan said...

I haven't read the bone collector, before this post. I think, I can assume, what its contents are.

The blame game!!! :-P Interesting to read your blogs. Keep going on and on

Anonymous said...

dear Shri,
It was a ery brave effort as far as u re concernedto have donated blood to a person who is equally ferocious, lazy and careless beast like u

but even in the midst of an upcoming storm u gave the blood to the oldest and eldest of our group
rightly nicknamed as BUDDA

well the article was fine

keep writing and i suppose u re using ur arts feild very lucratively