Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy valentine's Day! ..... Really????

Sorry for the long lasting delay.The past two months have been really hectic for me.I've been roaming around.Don't even think about asking me,where I was.The story is long enough to be made into a bollywood movie.Let's return to the present.For those who've forgotten,yesterday was valentine's day.A day for love,joy and rejection!!No,my dear reader,I haven't been among those unfortunate few who have been mercilessly and fortunately side-stepped by the oposite gender.I am talking on behalf of all those stupid friends of mine,who have been crying since yesterday evening.My shirt still has salt stains on it.I do not know if they come off!!

Love is such a foolish thing.I am not a romantic at heart.Nor will you be if you had seen the world the way I do.The info i got from my friends is that St Valentine actually was killed on this day.So,what are we celebrating exactly??Love,right,but did not st Valentine,the earthly minister of cupid die ? Anyways,what do I care for.But for my friends,this is the day they await all year long.Well,they only look at it as a day of complete freedom where your teachers won't snarl at you whn they find you out of the classroom.It is the day they magically acquire teh courage to speak to any girl they like.Impressive,I say.No matter,if you are embarassingly asked,"Do I know you?", or the more common, "Excuse me!".Most of them hardly get to hear the voice of their crushes.All they hear is ,a big bang - of the slap.

This might have ambarassed anybody else.An ordinary mortal would have blushed beetroot,and got his legs working.Not my friends.Oh boy....sorry....Oh boys!!They were shamelessly in love,or that is what they said.Some were even more interesting cases.Like one of my classs mates,finally puckered the courage and took his sweetheart out on a dinner date.The venue was good.The food delicious.After a great evening,as he tried to speak,she stopped him by saying,"Thanks.But I do not like you the way you think I do."And she gracefully left,leaving him a hefty bill to pay off.Poor ol' boy,had to pay up as well as accept the ignominy of rejection.

Before you peope think that I am making merry of my friends sorrows,let me warn you that some of them still have to pay my money back.all I am trying to say is 'Why do only boys face this problem?'.Hey,hold your feminist horses!!!I am not against women.I can't be.I have a lot of sisters.Beleive me,they are quite a handful.All I say is why does it always have to be the men who are sorry.Think about it.Has your GF ever taken you out on a dinner date and paid the bill?Has she ever tried to woo you?Lemme guess,NO.You gotta give it to them they are smart beings.They lure you into the trap and then when you have been entirely used like a chewing gum,they spit you out.The fault is not theirs.Idiots, like my friend, always give them a impression of their own foolishness.So much for suavity and gentlemanly behaviour.
They walk around like flies around a dirty frog.Waiting to be eaten up.
This is why I do not celebrate valentine's day.Hey,its not that I do not get te chance to.My aloofness and mysterious characteristics,do attract a few flies.But I do better to ward them off.For all those of you who succeeded,Beware!You still have time to escape.For all those who didn't,may the good lord keep your souls.

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