Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In control (It is a delayed post)

Finally,I am here to write something .It has been a very busy week for me.I have been staying at my uncle's housefor quite a while now.I suppose it has been a long time,so long that his son's might be wishing me to get out(jus' kidding).MY parents don't worry much.For them,its heavenly to find me missing.The news is that the parents of this house have been out of town for a week,and asked me to come and 'babysit' their kids for a while.I am not very good with kids,but when they are as tall as me,maybe taller,it helps.though their brain works at the same level.

Running a household is a very difficult job.No one knows it better than women.In my heart,there is no one who holds a position higher than the women of our family.With kids like me and my brothers around,I don't think they will have much spare time.That is why I do not bother them when they watch serials of regional 'Ekta Kapoors'.Anyways,as we decided to take things under our control,they knew that things are going to go out of control.After dropping them off at the station,we rushed home to enjoy our newly found independence.

the next day morning the sun came up pretty early.The milkman rang the bell.We got into the daily chore segment.I packed them off to college and office respectively,and decided to go to college JLT.As evening arrived,we looked around the dirty and desolate place,grimacing at the jobs we now had to do.FYI,we haven't swept the house for the last six days.walking around in an inch of dust is queer,but you get used to it.That evening,one of us took on the kitchen.Just to make sure he does not mess up our digestive system,I decided to keep a watch over him.He did well,to my surprise.

Well,in all we were able to stay alive till the pro's arrived.They were happy we were ab;e to hold fort,to a degree better.NOw,we are all well fed for the last two weeks.

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