Friday, March 23, 2007


His big,bloodshot eyes follow me as i walk through the alley.It is not night yet but the power cut in the locality has added to the eeriness of the street.I am walking at a frenzied pace.he has been following me for the last 20 metres.I take the road uphill.It leads to my school.It would be deserted now,but I know shortcuts from there and might give him the slip.I can sense the anger in his motion.I glance above my shoulder,and find him gnashing his fang-like!and mom says i have scary teeth.I shift gears and pick my speed up.He follows.He is close by now.My instincts kick i and I flee the spot.Never before had I run like that.Barren,leafless trees hover above me at the top of the hill.I stop to catch my breath.for a moment too long,he catches me.Why is he following me?,I wonder.breathless,I hit the left.I know,there is a shortcut that hits the main junction from here.He divebombs me,almost snapping my leg.I run hard,my pursuer runs better.Fear clouds my eys.A outstretched limb trips me over.I yield ground.He stops a yard away.His frame covers the only route of escape.He lumbers towards his victim.I can see a lust for blood in his eyes.I blindly throw my hands around,to find anything that could help me.He leaps at me,his fangs wide open.I thrash the side of his head with a srone.Stunned,he falls back.I regain my foothold.Now,I am taller than him.He staggers back.I throw the 'missile' at him.I miss,but he does not wait to check.

I get up,dust myself and continue the walk home.Damn!!stupid dog!!Almost scared me.

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