Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Am In Heaven

I woke up one day to find myself lying on the grass with the sun shining above me.I sat up and beheld a beautiful valley sprawled below me.As far as i could extend my eyes,a lush green carpet of grass spread out.Cows,grazing nonchalantly,ocassionally raised their heads to greet me.The bright,blue,sky extended like a canopy,much beyond the great blue peaks with their tiaras of white,fluffy clouds.The sound of a waterfall gushing somewhere,wafted in the air alongwith the chorus of sparrows.The smell of wet mud filled the air and calmed me.Fear,surprise,joy and excitement created a chaos of emotions inside me.

I removed my shoes and felt the ticklish grass.The wind had stopped in a pregnant pause,waiting for me to take the next step.In that moment of surreal calm,I knew I was experiencing bliss.I decided to run down to the valley floor.A surge of happiness bursted through my insides.I ran like never before.For freedom,for joy,for life.I jumped,as i reached the bottom of the slope.My feet never touched the ground again.I was now gliding along the wind.I had turned into a bird.An eagle,to be exact.I sounded my clarion call as I flew across the meadow and above the forests.Birds in the forest raised an orchestra of voices as they answered me.With a swish of my wings,I rose higher than the wind could take me.I now set my sights to the twin peaks.

I increased my pace.Suddenly,flying seemed effortless.My body had started vanishing.I was becoming the wind itself.I passed over the rivers causing ripples to form.I flew towards the sun,peeking mischeviously from behind the twin peaks.With a sense of invincibility,I rushed into the white hazy clouds.

A soft,comforting embrace enveloped me.I melted into it.My heart could not contain all the medley of feelings welling up inside it.They began to flow out through my eyes.Crying,is not a word I would use to describe it,but i have no other.My tears drizzled down as gentle rain upon the valley floor.The grass now glittered as though sprinkled with diamonds.I wanted to touch them.I rushed down with the rain.

I landed on the cool,wet grasswithout as much as a sound.I was tired.My body had been drained of all the energy that it posessed.I dozed off to sleep with the wind blowing,upon a feathery grass bed;beneath an apple tree and the rainbow perchng between the mountains.

The next time I woke up,was on my bed.The curtains on the window were drawn,to allow the golden sunlight to enter the house.The smile on my face refused to leave me for the next few hours.My mom spotted me like that,stiffened and said,"Forget It!!You are not getting any more of the gulab jamun in the fridge"

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Prasanna said...

Dear Houdini,
Its quite nice to read on ur blogs as it shows that u re keen to improve & increase ur vocabulary & literary skills but as far as this article is concerned i am though satisfied but@the same time i need you to include certain reality stories or events that happens in daily life
Also there shud be more innovative &inspiring stories to reads on

gr8 going

keep it up