Sunday, April 08, 2007

Going Down In A Blaze Of Glory

Every single day they rise and go on with their work.They are ordinary people,like you,me,everyone else.Not much differentiates us.Just like us,they too have families to feed,parties to go to,friends to meet,and bils to pay.They say their prayers like many of us.Maybe more sincerely than many of us.They belong to someone,or are somebody.They might be be somebody's only love,A father's only hope.The two eyes of their mother.He might be a hardworking father,worrying about his child's future.A mother who puts her two kids to sleep,saying that she would be with them forever.A loving husband wanting to fulfill every one of his wife's whims.A young boy waiting for his friends to come out for the next game of cricket.

They have undergone much pain.A lot more than some of us can bear.And maybe,will suffer even more.They have dreams,many of which will never see the light of day.They still fight on.trudging through the murky waters of life's tragedies.Almost every single one of them knows,that their clocks are timed.It is a matter of a few more....minutes,hours,days and maybe,just maybe,years.Every night,they lie down on their mattresses with plans of what they would do tomorrow.Though one of them might never see the sun.Ever again.

They live life.Without Fear.For them,these moments are to celebrate life;not to mourn death.they have one more move to go on their 64 squares.One last attempt to checkmate their opponent.Look around you.They are everywhere.Behind you,In front of you,with you,maybe,even you.In the train,hanging on the door,working in the office,sharing your lunch,driving your car.They know life better.Better still,they know death.Not as an hovering enemy,but as a friendly stranger.but they aren't ready to let him into their houses.Not yet.They have one last task to accomplish,one last thing to do,one last move to perform,one last chance to prove.Then,they can go down in a blaze of glory.

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