Thursday, April 19, 2007

In The End

So I woke up yesterday and found out that my results were coming out.Grumbling,I got out of bed and looked up at the watch.It showed a skewed time of 9:30.dammit!why is it that whenever you want mom to wake you,she is busy.I rush to the bathroom and do my morning chore.I looked into the mirror and was stared back by a unruly haired,unshaved dervish.I would have gone anyways to college,but mom came back and stared at me with such dangerous eyes.I know her,and in such times it is better not to mess with her.

I called up my class mate on the way and asked him if he knew what today was.He was clueless.After i informed him,he was on his way to college.I caught the train,fought my way hrough the crowd and reached college by a quarter to 11.I was dumbstruck to find that the results were coming out by 3 to 5 pm in th evening.There i stood .sweating like I had just been to colombia,outside my college entrance with all other students comfortably roaming round with their Gfs and Bfs.I was pissed off,real bad.Before leaving ,I called up my "On the way" classmate to ask him where he was.Looks like he was still in bed.he had a valid reason.Who wants to see a bad result,and anyways i could check out for him.He gave me his roll.I told him it was on the NH list."whats NH!??",he asked.I screamed back,"NOT HERE!!!"

I went back to lounge at my cousin's place nearby.I am lucky that people have houses nearby.At about 3:30,when my cousin decided if I didn't leave now he would call the police I left.I reached college by about 4 'o clock.I spotted a few dorks hanging around.I carefully ventured up to them and asked if their fates had been pronounced.All I got was a blank look.Some people are more stupid than they look.After a little time,the notice board announced that the results will be here by 5pm.Gr88!!extend it for a few more hours and i will have a day more of enjoyment.

It was 5 and te crowd outside the college was swelling by the second.The entrance almost resembled a railway station.Suddenly,the peons came out with two small,rectangular notice-boards.The rush was inevitale.For the first time,i realised people are interested in knowing their results.There were students,all over the place.Screaming,kicking,crying....well,not crying but with various expressions.My friends stayed back for the moment.I could not.I had to ripp my result off the board before somebody else sees it.I entered the crowded ring.I don't have much strength or muscles on me(unless you count 5 cm biceps),but I have travelled on crowded trains for ages now.I pushed and scratched and bit my way through.As I reached the board,it said "FYBCOM" in big capitals.Now people revenged,i was thrown out like Saurav ganguly from the indian team.But like the name,I made a comeback.Seeing a crowd on the other end of the gate,I rushed in again.I realised too late,that the high-pitched screams tearing my ears apart were from the feminine gender.I was staring at the girls results.before I could be accused of something and end up in jail,my mates dragged me out of a clawing and murderous crowd.

I looked sheepishly at them,trying to hide my embarassment."Lucky you!!" a friend winked.Right!!But where in hell's name was my result.By now,I was streaming in sweat.Hell would have felt like home.suddenly one of my classmates turned ro me and said," Have you tried that one out yet??".I hadn't noticed a smaller crowd near another column of the gate.I went there,hurt and tired.nothing could be worse now,i thought.I searched minutely for my number.I found it.A look of terror came acrss my face.My bowels had begun to revolt.I had a nauseating feeling .My friends couldn't beleive their eyes.

I had passed "FIRST CLASS".I didn't beleive it.Neither did mom and dad when I told them.They still wat to see that marksheet before lending credibility to my account.Unfortunately,I do not have that proof in my hand.I will only get it day after tomorrow.

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Roshan said...

Absolutely fantastic post!

One if often afraid on the result day. I am too. But the reactions need not be so bad. (Ofcouse, it is easy said than done). The point that I'm trying to make is one can predict his or her result with honesty. If there have been efforts for getting good results, you can be assured of it.