Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Past,The Future And Me

Together they made a very strange picture.Almost as if they were in a dimension between to worlds.A 3yr old boy standing,crying besides his sleeping grandmother.It would have made an award winning photograph.The boy;his little hands clasped together as if holding an imaginary candy bar,tears running down his dirty cheek into his wide open mouth;and his grandmother,who looked no different than the rags she wore,sleeping on the pavement.

I don't know why the li'l guy was crying.Maybe because he was hungry and his granny was carelessly sleeping.Or maybe because she was dead and he didn't know what to do.I didn't know which one was it.My ears couldn't take his bawling,which according to me would have shattered the glasses in the coffee shop in which i was sitting.But it hardly strained into the ears of this city basking idly under the scorching sun.In that moment,I had a view of the demented world that we were living in.

My eyes searched the road for any sign of his parents.All i found was an empty road.I don't think they would have been in the cofee shop.Maybe they had gone to work in some under-construction building nearby.Or maybe,they had left this world in search of a better one.whatever it was,i was worried.After a while he stopped.His bawling changed to sobs and then subdued to sniffles.Maybe he realised the futility of it.For a while he looked around not knowing what to do.He went back and sat down besides his granny.I watched him,as he innocently played with his grannys sari.I wondered whether he knew about this world that he was born into.For a second,my thoughts connected with him.I noticed a lost,confused look in his eyes.They had a glazed look caused by a permanent state of worry.

I felt sorry for him.But he contradicted me.His face broke into a wide grin.In my keen observation of the kid,I failed to notice that the lump of rags beside him had arisen to a wrinkly old woman.I smiled feebly as the child rushed into her arms and got enveloped by a warm embrace.

I watched them walk away,hand in hand and dissolve into the ever innocent crowd of shoppers.The past and the future.Then it hit me.There was something amiss here.The present.Where was it?? I slipped into introspection.I had been so engrossed in scanning my past and worrying about my future,that i had lost my present.Every innocuous moment that had slipped by was now lost forever in the throes of time.But now,I realised.I had to make the most of the moments i had.In them i had to work,live and enjoy.As i rose from my table,the child inside me smiled.He took me by my hand into his future.His present happily followed his future.

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Ananth & Aarti said...

This is a beautiful piece, cheeru. Much more positive in outlook than some of the others. Be positive, yaar.