Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pending Issue.

The tom-boy beside me,doffs my head with the heavy sociology book.

"wakey wakey, Old boy!! its afternoon." R

Of course it is afternoon.The clock behind her shows 2 pm.The 'misal paav' and 'cutlet' are burning my stomach.My tongue is parched and there is a sour acidic liquid going up and down inside of my throat. look up from my head rest to find all of them winking at me.I am in the library since 10 am,and have fallen asleep for the third time straight.

" oh boy! look at him.He is exhausted from all this studying." P snobs.

" You are not of much use in a group know that !! ", V declares solemnly..

" Well, I try my best." Not my fault if they chose a boring subject to study.

"All right then.Bye.we are off.I think you could look into those xeroxes now that you are 'refreshed' " R chides.

" what!!! You can't leave me here.Alone!!!" I've never been alone in the library after 12pm.

A week to the exams,and they do this to you.friends!!! I look around at the table.There are 7-8 sheafs of xeroxs spread across,3 notebooks lying open.Neat.No wonder,they have great arms.Carrying all these must help.well,might as well look into it. What the F@#% !! damn that mobile.Where is it?? Crap!! These idiots,@#$%&*** (can't use the original thoughts,censors)!! Can't they keep things better placed and arranged.Ha,now here it is.(The whole library is staring up from their dreamholes at me.The library assistant has an evil look in his eyes.) I hate it when people look at me like that.Better try to pretend as if i am studying.

No use! I am bored before can get to the tenth page.Let me assure you that Sociology is not a rivetting read.I turn my eyes to the entrance.You would be amused at how much you can tell about a person by the way he walks into a library.Look,That one is a 'first timer'.see how he walks suspiciously,looking all around the place.And that....well,that is a 'showoff'.Well dressed,mp3 headset still inhis ears,one small book in hand and of course,the perennial arm candy by his side.Here he comes.The genuine reader.Casually dressed,walking with the confidence of a gladiator,straight where he knows he will get what he wants.And that is a cute girl at the counter.Hey!!! hold a minute.I know her .She's tha....... Holy crap!! She spotted me.Dive H,dive!!Pretend to read.

" Hi!!! what are you doing here??" she

" aerrmm... studying." Yeah. Right!!

" Good!I just came in to do the same."

" Great.You could give me company.Probably help me out." Right son.chance pe dance kar,beta,chance pe dance.

" Ok"

Five minutes pass.I look up at her,she's studying.Ten minutes pass,I look up at her.She's still studying.I wonder what my friends would say if i told them tat i was sitting there like a loser,in front of the smartest girl in class( not a bad looker either), and kept studying sociology.Naaahhh!! I know i sound like one of those idiots in your circle,but hey,at least this is better than understanding a theory proposed fifty years ago in an unregistrable language.Ok,so here goes.

" How far have you finished your subjects?" Great question H.Mindblowing!! Your grandson would do a better job. i.e if he ever comes to life.

" Oh!! I think i've got to just revise socio,and poitical.English is lagging behind."

"Ooookaaaayy." wow.Now i know how many subjects i have,That clears it all up.

" Could you help me out with english?? Ma'm said you are a good student."

" Yeah????? well.yeah.....sure.Did ma'm really say that?" she might have.During one of her insanity spells.

"Great!! we could meet here then next week till the exams."

" Of course." Wait.... Well,what the heck!!! " Ok .You hungry??" god,let her be.

" welllll,ya.I think"

" I am done here for today.Wanna join me for lunch(what time is it? 4) My treat." Pleeeease.

" sure"

Well,and i live happily ever after.You see the library is not such a bad place to be after all.The dact remains that i have yet to start reading up on a subject,my english professor still keeps looking for me in the corridors.But at least,I have broken through.

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