Monday, February 25, 2008

Lucky Day..

The bus was empty as i got in.Empty as in,there was no space to sit but there was no problem in standing.The conductor was in no hurry fr my ticket,and i shared his view.I leaned on a nearby seat and waited as the bus took off jerkily on its journey.I looked around the bus.The first four benches were filled by girls....not aunties,not grandmas....girls.This must be my lucky day,I thought.A day just couldn't start better than this..

The bus slowed to a still at the next stop.I watched her climb in.Every step measured carefully,head steady and eyes - deep and searching. I waited for her to notice me.She did. I smiled at her, unsure of my next step.She started walking towards me,and the bus resumed its travel.It is an art to walk on a moving bus,with potholes for company.Just as we neared each other,the bus screeched to a halt.I held on to the handles on both sides of the bus,just in time.Suddenly time stalled.

It was one of those 'Matrix' moments, when everything around you stops in midair.I could see the conductor bending forward.I could see the driver,his mouth opened to form a curse.But more importantly,I could see her.As she fell forwards,her hands on my shoulder,leaning against me.I wished time would stop here forever..

for the next few moments we blubbered around embarrassedly.A few girls had seen this and were busy giggling.She smiled at me,not knowing what else to do.I,meanwhile,felt like i just had three shots of tequila followed by a double espresso.She was still holding me by the shoulder, I don't know if i consciously went red but she realised it and hastily held on to a nearby pole.I looked at her,trying to gauge what she was thinking
but she kept looking away.

A few minutes later, a seat in the ladies portion emptied.I asked her to sit down.I just stood near her for company.It is kind of weird,standing near a pretty girl.You subconsciously feel the glare of half the aunties of the bus,and of course,you can hear the curses of the boys in the back.I stood there,silent and stupid.

The aunty beside her got down at the next stop.I wondered if i should take that seat.... It is a 'ladies' seat' after all. "Why don't you sit down?", she asked... "It's a ladies' seat.." i blurted... " Doesn't matter.You can always get up if somebody comes.". No questions...

I watched as th wind played with her hair.And every time she would tuck it behind her ear resolutely.I kept watching her till the last moment when she would realize that i was looking at her.Before she could spot me,I would turn away.I got down with her,a few stops(15 mins) before my destination. "Don't you have to go further ahead?",she asked knowingly. " Oh,I am in no hurry",I said.

We walked all the way to her building.Talking about exams,preparations,notes adn future careers.I know,that was all we talked.A distance so short,a conversation that never started.We rached her building in no time. " Thanks for coming along.", she smiled. " No mention.",

A pause...."SO then...See ya.", I said hesitantly. "See you." she courtesied.Just as she turned,she stopped."You are coming to college tomorrow,aren't you?",was the question. " a sunday.",I said. she playfully slapped her head," I forgot.Sorry.See you on Monday then..". " I grinned and said,"Ya, C U."

I watched as she ran into her building,and waited till i could hear no more of her steps>Then i turned and continued my journey.IT is my lucky day...

Itni shiddat se tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai,
Ke har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai!

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amita said...

hey it was good more than it was interesting as it was increasing my curiosity, the way you potrait it was really nice, I appreciate it.