Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Untitled Poem..

Words lost under a twisted tongue
A mouth that refuses to open
Yet the conversation goes on
with what her eyes have spoken.

The wind whispers in her ears
Carelessly, he ruffles her hair
How my heart rages and sears
To see him put his mout there.

A single studded bangle clinks
On the wrist of her slender hand
How lucky the bangle is, i think,
To be entangled so,in her hand

No face ever looked so clear
No body ever felt so far
I was just so near
As the crow to the star.

Then she waved her hand
waiting for me to say goodbye
Rooted to the ground,i stand
But....I never even said Hi.

And so she left unanswered
The world grew darker
O what would i give to be heard,
To speak,open my heart to her.

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