Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Is Truth? Que Veritas....

"What is the truth?" Pontius Pilate reportedly asked the Christ.Buddha went in search of it.Krishna delivered a sermon to a desperate arjuna in the middle of a gory war about it.The Prophet Mohammed found it.But what is it?

Truth,as they say, is a very complicated word.I read this somewhere,'Everything you say,is true.But the opposite is too'.Funny,i thought.But is it? You walk around this strangely small,unique yet immensely vast planet of ours everyday.You watch your cohabitants and judge them.You learn a lot everyday.You observe and implement.But do you really learn? How do you make out what is right and what is wrong?A simple way to guess would be that you do what you are taught.A child's mind is tabula rasa - Liquid tablet.Anything you put in there would be absorbed and used in action.Which is one reason why your mother told you stories about brave,kind righteous and dutiful men and women.She warned you to speak the truth.Always.You beleived her.You believed that truth.

Then,You grew up.You wandered through this planet.You realised the truth.Nobody is holy.Nothing is either.You became cynical,pessimistic.You realise the futility of speaking the truth and the dangers of it too.I remember watching my father once lie to my mom about the price of something he bought.I went up to him later and asked him innocently,"Why did you lie?"
.He laughed and said wisely,"Son,The truth is always the right thing to say,but not always the best thing."

But how do you recognise the truth?Actually,you don't.You just accept it.And most of the time you are right.Just like a broken clock is right,at least two times in a day.The truth is relative,as the popular theory goes.It is what you want it to be.Which is what makes it all the more complicated.To each what he seeks.The truth though always has two versions.The kauravas were arjuna's enemies - True.The kauravas were arjuna's cousins - True.So which one is it that is right? Remember the old proverb of having to make the right choices.Yup.Your character is defined by the choice you make.

Now,that is the kicker.Your choices will depend on your priorities,and the priorities on your experiences.George bush is a true son of a gun when he declares that he is hunting osama down.That Osama is in a planet he has no clue about is another truth.This world is full of such complicated,two faced truths.Each one of us lives in his own planet of truths.'Samsara', was what the Buddha termed it.It is when two distinctly differrent planets collide that confusion arises.People fight,kill and behave like animals.To protect the 'truth' that they beleive in.

What is the truth? I do not know. which is why i am still human.