Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nature's Elixir

You step onto the street outside

Sensing the anticipation

Feel the wind sighing in your face

And know of its coming.

You scan the skies, looking for signs

And watch with wary eyes

Dark, black clouds swarming above you

Like a stampede of wild bisons

Announcing themselves in the savannah

The earth trembles and welcomes its visitor

With a perfume laced with all her creation

That enters your mind through your heart

And stirs up a cocktail of emotions

That you never knew existed.

Birth. Creation. Pausing to be let out.

By a power far beyond the reach of mortals

And then the zeus parts open the skies

With light,causing them to roar.

Then in the momentary second of silence

A hush sweeps across the horizon and

Over you,to go silent

Just at the moment,to let that

One cold,pristine drop of life

Rest on your forehead, and announce

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