Monday, December 22, 2008


Under a fading light
That bent in a slant
As it entered empty halls
I walked the road with her
'Do me a favour', said she
'Say not a word'.
And so i spoke in silence
And listened
As she spoke in the voices of angels
That were long lost in the skies,
now black as her eyes;
No,her hair,her long black tresses
That flowed down her back
In wayward curls,
Curls that flowed back and forth
In the wind
Like the ebbing sea.
She parted her lips
But no sound came out
The wind carried her voice
Far away from me into the deep woods
where a black myna sang
her praise.
An hour past,or was it a day
when she stood up silently
And went her way.
As the night gathered its followers
and rented the air with hollow chants
I walked away
My back towards her way
No voice called,nor a step heard.

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Prashant said...

can i buy the copyrights.. i may want to put it to good use.. brother.. :)