Friday, January 16, 2009

I Was Born Naked

I was born naked

On a warm April afternoon

I fought my way through

A dark, watery womb that

Trapped my unconscious body

Which, upon its waking, found

Its prison excruciatingly painful

And broke those walls on its

Way to freedom.

I was born naked.

In the midst of civilization

They clothed me in culture,

Fed me language, taught me religion,

And covered me in race,

Till could not see beyond

What I had learnt.

I was born naked.

And taught to be ashamed of it.

I became someone I never knew

To please someone I knew.

I slept at nights to forget

The days I lived.

I was born naked.

And will die just so

As naked as you,

When you walk through the gates

Of heaven or hell.

For the Truth is naked.

And so is God.


Prashant said...

We are born naked, wet and hungry. .. .. . . ... Then things get worse

Usha.K.Narayan said...

Poignant- I liked it.