Friday, January 02, 2009


Khamosh raat

Sehmi hawa

I stand beneath the entrance.The huge facade sprawls over me,its paint chipped and dusty near the top.The watchman smiles at me and asks,"konasaathi thaambla aahes?"I nod and walk to the seating space.He knows me for the last 3 years.Every single one of my graduation years.I sit down on the pavement and continue waiting.A lot of known faces walk out from their lectures,as braindead as they went in.They walk up to me,talking.They blab about what happened and what did not.They talk about movies,girls,cricket and the obvious boy talk.I listen silently, uninterested in any of their conversations.They are not the purpose of my wait.They know it and joke around.

Tanha Tanha

Dil apna

The sun goes up into the sky,grinning as brightly as it could.The cold id dying slowly,as slowly as it could.I look around at students busily immersed in pursuing careers.The sounds are beginning to grow louder.Of friends joking,of silent love screaming at the top of its lungsto be heard.And yet it dies out before anybody can hear it.The birds fly around their houses,disturbed at this intrusion into their peace.I wait,still.Sitting as a statue,dusty and forgotten.On the street pavement,except the cup of tea in my hand gives me away.One that my profs did notice.They come up to me and speak.I listen as they go on about my talent and laziness.I am a combination of potential and arrogance.How strange,that these characteristics often go hand in hand.I ask them about my projects.It has finally been accepted.I smile.They walk away with a grin hiding behind their their thin,cold lips. I take my place.A book would have been good to read.It is hard to keep speaking to oneself for a long time.

Aur door kahin

Roshan hua

Ek chehra

The wind changes directions.It cajoles me with its slow pats on my cheeks.Ruslting up leaves on its path,playing around with them.Like a sister trying to cheer up her little brother.I bid it leave.The place is desolate and growing silent.The pangs of hunger have eked the strength out of young hearts.They will soon have to learn how to deal with it.I am starving too.I wait for hope.And she arrived.Walking down the stairs almost reluctantly,looking around for a familiar face.I watched as her feet nimbly skipped stairs making her hair bounce on her shoulders.I stood up and waved.

She walked over and said “ Ready to go?’

“I always was”.

Yeh sach hai ya sapna

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