Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Let Me BE!

Why should you teach me

What you know?

Let me learn

What i do not know.

Let me wander unhindered

through unknown lands

and nameless oceans

Walk with me to the distant port

from where ships depart.

Let me go.

Let me fly past the skies

Blue skies that hide

the stars during the day.

Let me spread my wings and soar

Right up to the sun

Don't tell me about the sun.

Let me feel it.

If I burn, let me.

I want to feel the wind

Free,and Careless

As it blows through empty deserts

and the icy arctic.

I want to taste smell

to smell colour and

see emotions.

I don't know how.

Let me find out.

Let me go.

Open the doors,

Open the windows

Let light in

And let me out.

Let me pass out into the light

To worlds that have

Yet to be born.

The blood in my heart burns

It burns with the same fire

that created me.

Let me create.

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