Sunday, August 30, 2009


Visions flee my sight

Before I can see

Clouds muddle a clear night

And visions cease to be

Raindrops fall tenderly

On dried, dusty roads

And music plays silently

In the wet ponds of toads.

I woke up to a dark night

Blinded by the presence of light

Awakened to a sense of sound

My mind wanders around

And suddenly everything is alive

Buzzing with the energy of a hive

A silent whisper floated in

On the chariots of a cool wind

And vreathed into my ears

The answer to all my fears

A universe revolved around me

In a wondrous cacophony

Notes sounded everywhere

On water, land and air

Every moment was a dance

I danced as in a trance

And then I saw

The Universal Law

Every soul was a note

That some other wrote.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

In the LOO-p

“You ever tried writing your name on these walls with…?”

“Why in heaven’s name would I want to do that? Give me one good reason!!”

“To show that you could..that is a start. Its kinda fun actually.”

“Seriously…whay are we having this conversation? Are you done yet? I need to get outta here.”

“Because we have run out of any more conversational topics.” Long pause..”So back to the paintings..”

“Shut up.Please.”

“Hey!! You are H, right?”


“ English literature, right?”


“So…………Whats up??”

“Nothing much.” You don’t wanna know, seriously.

“What are you doing here?”
Long pause…..Should I … “ Just came to visit an old friend.”

“Really!! Who?”

Who are you!!!! “You know the girl in sociology…”

I thought so. “ Yeah!! That’s the one.”


“See ya!!” thank god.

“You know what happened yesterday?”

“No.Enlighten me.”

“ You missed a great laugh man”

”Yeah. S there, you know, really went hysterical. You should’ve seen the look on M’s face.”


“So where were you yesterday?”


“With whom?”

“I’m done.”

You know sometimes ii just wonder if there might be a time when my classmates wouldn’t walk in on my ‘time’ and talk. Why can’t they just pee and get out. Get in, drain and get out. No chitchat. No hi or Wassup..God!! Why??