Sunday, August 30, 2009


Visions flee my sight

Before I can see

Clouds muddle a clear night

And visions cease to be

Raindrops fall tenderly

On dried, dusty roads

And music plays silently

In the wet ponds of toads.

I woke up to a dark night

Blinded by the presence of light

Awakened to a sense of sound

My mind wanders around

And suddenly everything is alive

Buzzing with the energy of a hive

A silent whisper floated in

On the chariots of a cool wind

And vreathed into my ears

The answer to all my fears

A universe revolved around me

In a wondrous cacophony

Notes sounded everywhere

On water, land and air

Every moment was a dance

I danced as in a trance

And then I saw

The Universal Law

Every soul was a note

That some other wrote.

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