Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Death at the Crossing

I shall see his bloodstained face

For days and days to come;

His scream shall rent my dreams

At hollow nights and empty scenes,

I cannot forget him.

How still he stood, or his eyes

Set at sights in the distance;

He would’ve heard the wind,

Screaming into his ears

A song of death,

But it was too late.

He never turned to see

The rattle of metal wheels,

The clang of death’s shield;

And the moment was past.

His body twisted, limbs flailed

And mouth frothed in his soul’s blood;

Ripped apart by cold metal,

He ceased to be.

He was no longer a friend, son,

A lover or student.

He wasn’t even human anymore.

Food for cats, dogs and crows,

That is all he would be.

I saw a man die today,

It could have been me;

But it was his day.

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