Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wanting to be found....

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You seem so beautiful
When you walk in
Hair trailing in the wind
Storm follows the wind
Eyes blazing forth darkness
Smiles piercing them
With lightning whiteness
Till the rain pours out
Tremulous in your laughter
Clinking, clanking as it pours
Over tin sheds and cement rooftops;
All the while a shadow trails you,
Following you
Everywhere under the sun
One you can’t see
And yet feel it following you
Trying to grab at the edge of your swishing dress
And just when you think
Vanishing into an obscure angle;
For that moment it sees
In your eyes a want,
A search for something lost
And smiles
For it knows that it is the lost one
It is an amazing feeling
To be lost and be wanted for;
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