Monday, February 15, 2010

Get up!! Stand up!!

Death stands tall;

Tall upon sheared grass,

On the plains of life.

The clouds gather round

Sounding their ominous thunder

Clapping white shafts of lightning

Trying to drive fear into smaller hearts.

Death stands tall.

If it stands not like that,

It can never stand at all;

It has company

Sickness, evil and tyranny.

But there is something missing in all this

It lacks the courage

That we posess;

Courage that defines ordinary hearts

Hearts that struggle when everything is lost;

When life reaches the finish line,

There is still time

For one last gasp.

I have a fight yet,

One more round for me, for us

Till the bell rings

Till that hovering moment passes

Pain is but a feeling

Rage shall suppress it;

Hit that nail hard on the coffin,

Make sure the earth is firm,

For I am not ready to go down yet.

Make sure my pulse stops

If you slash,

For I shall again come.

Stand tall, Death….

For here I come.

Abhi saanson me hai dum

Abhi chalne de sitam

Khalbali hai/ khalbali

To all those effing bast'ds who think they can bomb us out!!

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