Sunday, February 21, 2010

To The Father of A Son!

Someday he’ll wear torn faded jeans

And a white shirt,

Someday he’ll wear his hair long;

Someday he’ll walk the streets alone at night,

Someday he’ll sing a dirty song,

Someday he’ll make you feel bright,

On others he’ll prove you wrong;

Someday he’ll take a girl for a ride,

Maybe someday he’ll date a bong;

Some days he’ll be gone all night,

Some days it’ll be the days he’ll be gone,

But don’t be mad,

He won’t be long;

Someday he’ll start a fight,

Someday he’ll sing you a song,

With no reason at all

He’ll be running along,

Someday he’ll make you pay,

Someday he’ll pay you back,

Someday he’ll be shorter than you,

Someday you’ll find him too long,

One day he’ll cry to go to school,

One day he’ll stay in school way too long,

Someday he’ll be shy and serious,

Someday he’ll be angry and wrong,

Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it

Soon, very soon. It ain’t too long.

But whatever happens remember something,

You can’t be right all the time;

Neither can he be wrong.


nikhil_iyengar said...

Newly born father says...Loved it all. U write very well. Wish I could write this comment in poetic form but that is not the norm :) :) get it- Form and Norm.

Rinu said...

dude...awesome yaar!! u r a poet!! dekh apne naye movie ke lyricist tu hi banega!! Guud stuff!!

Anonymous said...

dude so a brilliantly script roadmap for doing the things for the young chap well my best wishes may your thoughts never turn dry


Anonymous said...

You are going to make it big one day!!