Monday, April 05, 2010

On Easter at Mount Mary

I kneel at your feet
Beneath kind eyes
Shaded from the sweltering heat,
I don’t know what to say
Or think or how to pray
All I can do is sit
And try to talk;
I know this,
I am a sinner allright,
I have never believed,
Nor tried to perceive,
The truth when it stared at me.
But today I sit here,
In a silent prayer
Inadequate and broken,
A small simple token
Of all that I have to offer,
My eyes are sore and legs tired,
Limbs ache for needed rest,
But my heart aches to fly higher
To do what it does best.
Help me mother, help your son,
The waylain sheep, the black one,
I ask not a lot
But only this,
Take me in your arms
And render me a kiss.
Lay me down once again to sleep
Under your careful eyes
In the valley deep
Then once again shall I rise
Rejuvenated and strong,
Walk through the desert,
Ride upon the storm.
I am lost. I am afraid
I am neither alive nor dead.
Lead me from here ,
Lead me away.
Take me from the night into the day,
I have wasted and squandered,
All my strength.
But still have I much,
Much more to do, much more to say.
So here today
Defeated and hurt
Help me up from where I lay,
I do not know how else
But this is how I know to pray.

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