Sunday, May 09, 2010

10 Things I Won't Do today

This is the last day of my beginning. From now the middle begins, and will eventually end. I am no more the person I thought I would be. Things change, so do people. A lot of things have changed for me. Today will see the beginning of some changes and the end of many routines. I am listing some of them for your convenience.
  1. I will not wake up at 10 ‘o clock and eat breakfast at lunch
  2. I will not carry the unshaven, grumpy look ( My mom’s glad about that)
  3. I will not be seen in my crumpled tee and dirty blue jeans.
  4. I will not wear my slippers everywhere anymore
  5. I will not drink tea at 2 in the afternoon and again at 5 in the evening.
  6. I will not say ‘yes’ to the next plan my friends make without thinking twice
  7. I will not be online in the middle of the day (tentative)
  8. I will not be shirtless and sitting on the top of the water tank at midnight.
  9. I will not be home till 8 in the evening.
  10. I most certainly will not be unemployed.
I’d like to add a bit more. But I’ll save that for later.


Some Name said...

hehe.. let us know how was ur first day at work. - Priscilla (ur classmate)

ubunturos said...

Good post Sriram. I'm sure you would be doing those 10 things religiously :)