Friday, May 28, 2010

You Know You are Grown Up When ...

Life is a long journey to undertake and every once in a while you cross a landmark that you thought was still miles away. I have reached one such stage. There used to be days when i thought this would never happen, but much to my parents' surprise and my own horror, this day has arrived when i am living. I feel like i just had my skin peeled off. There is a sense or burning pain, but i have grown up. There is no doubt. How do i know? Well,

You Know You Have Grown When

  1. One of your friends gets married every second month leaving you really wondering if you're that old.
  2. Conversation among your friends revolves around Real Estate Prices, mutual funds and the share market and not movies, girls and .... you knw ;)
  3. The kid you used to babysit now talks to you about Metallica and Iron Maiden.
  4. Unemployment is no longer a proletariat symbol but an embarassment, and you worry about the low pay package you have in comparison to others
  5. You call it a night and turn off the lights at 11 pm.
  6. All the girls you hit on are working and treat you like a kid, while the ones you stare at are younger (where is my generation)
  7. The Jeans pant never leaves the shelf before Friday and printed t shirts in Yellow, orange and red colors begin to look too weird on you
  8. You walk into a departmental store asking for rubber, and the guy goes 'Check the Medical next door' ( True story!!)
  9. The movies, music and matches you watched are now being termed as 'Classics'
  10. Drinks mean Scotch, Beer, Vodka,Rum......i think you got the point. They used to mean pepsi(50 ps waale) and nimbu paani once upon a time.
Is that Enough? Cos I got more if you want.....


Prashant said...

welcome to the gang :)

Usha.K.Narayan said...

Well, you can always find solace in the fact that dinos like us still roam the planet with friends who have babies every other month, yowsa!! BTW, shame on you for not being up to speed on the med lingo:)))