Sunday, June 27, 2010

A personal survey

So, I heard my friends speak about me and realized they have a lot of mistaken opinions about me. So I wanted to know if everybody has the same opinions. Will help clear a lot of doubts about myself. So I have decided to make a questionnaire that I keep asking myself but find no answer to. It is hard to judge oneself. So please help me….

1. What is the one thing that makes me stand out? (I like to start with something goodJ)

2. What is the one thing that you absolutely hate about me?

3. One thing you would warn people who meet me for the first time about.

4. One thing you would like to see me change in myself

5. One thing you would absolutely not like me to change in myself

6. A career that you think I would be good at

7. One thing that, according to you, I can never do

8. Tell me one thing you would like to hear me say

9. Tell me one thing you would not like to hear me say

10. Finally, how would you remember me when I am dead.

Please, I am sending this out as an SOS…. Please be honest, and if possible. Good. I will give my defense of my actions in my further blogs…. So go ahead, crap the shite outta me… This is your chance.

PS : for people wondering how to write the comments….. just put number and answer the qstn… I expect some answers…

Thanks a lot for helping me on this matter. Your help is valuable to me. J

1 comment:

Some Name said...

1. The different facial expressions you can come up with... i like the curious and indifferent ones the most :P

2. Nothing as of now.

3. Nothing. i dont know u so well myself.

4. You trying to add more stuff to an already overflowing plate.

5. Your hair colour??

6. Journalism, advertising, Writing, etc.

7. Pass MA in English Literature :P

8. Io be very honest, im praying to hear you say that you've accepted the love of God in ur life and have decided to live for the One who died for ur sins. (i know im a bit too serious here)
Couldn't help it ;)

9. I wouldn't like to hear you say that u already know all the truths of life and there's no scope for changing ur beliefs anymore.

10. One crazy dude.

- Ur ex-classmate